The Organizational framework of CEFAM gives guidance and direction to our actions, in addition to reflecting our values.


To be one of the leading Institutes, which offer comprehensive reproductive health services in Mexico recognized and supported by national and international institutions and associations.


Being a center that provides comprehensive care to women, where we direct our efforts, to help our patients in the creation of their family, achieving the highest satisfaction rates of our patients.


Family, Warmth in Service, Professionalism, Pride and Vanguard. Beginning:
Proactive, Organized, Disciplined, Enthusiastic, Committed, Responsible, Tolerant, Respectful, Helpful, Constructive Warmth, Humble, Grateful, Learning Vision, Reliable and Honesty.


  • Provide clear, assertive and honest information to our patients, as well as our serious commitment to follow-up and warmth in care, during their treatment.
  • Achieve effective and effective communication among all CEFAM staff, as well as in the information we give to our employees, suppliers, business partners, media, competition, etc.
  • Development of a capable, innovative, committed and accomplished team on a personal and professional level.
  • Brand positioning through Associations and companies using very select media.
  • Have the support of the most important hormonal pharmaceutical laboratories at national and international level to achieve a dissemination of greater impact and trust with patients or potential patients.
  • Have cutting-edge infrastructure and technology.
  • Obtain and maintain a representative market share and consolidate ourselves as an Institute with numerous Geographical presence.
  • Create a wide network of prestigious doctors in the area to refer their patients to our care centers.
  • Offer and promote continuous internal or external training of our staff.

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Do not lose hope

At Medical Fertility Center, specialists in gynecology and obstetrics, reproductive medicine, we strive to make a world where infertility is no longer an impossible barrier and today, despite the Covid 19 pandemic, we are still more committed than ever with our mission.

We face a challenging environment, so we have taken all necessary measures to minimize the potential impact on the health of our employees, customers and patients.
Our purpose is to continue helping to create families, that is why we prepare a special package for you!