parejaWe are an institution dedicated to the study of the couple with infertility problems. We know that infertility is a problem that can be diagnosed with the proper study of the couple and thus apply the most appropriate treatment to provide a solution.

We can also find what is called sterility of unknown origin, but even in these it is possible to successfully apply various treatments. The analysis of the couple with infertility is carried out in an integrated and simultaneous way, following a study protocol aimed at ruling out the most frequent problems, both in men and women.

When the information obtained is not enough, we perform more specific tests to identify the process that alters the chances of conception of couples.

It is important to highlight that each of the causes that alter the reproductive process have a specific treatment, that many of the occasions are limited to the prescription of certain drugs, or to simple surgical interventions. When the problems are not solved by the aforementioned ways, Assisted Reproduction is used.

Our patient care

In CEFAM each case is treated individually by several doctors specialized in different areas that offer their points of view when solving each problem.

However, it is a specific doctor who is aware and assumes the decisions of each patient. Each of our professionals has a specialization area.


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