What is outpatient or short stay surgery?

Outpatient or short stay surgery are surgical interventions for which it is necessary to remain in the hospital for a period of 2 to 8 hours. These procedures have proven safe and effective as much as conventional surgery, which is why their use is increasing. In the United States about 70% of surgeries are outpatient surgeries.

Benefits of outpatient surgery:

  • Safe surgical procedures and do not need prolonged hospitalization.
  • You return home the same day as the operation.
  • Your stay is more comfortable and pleasant.
  • All patients have the same care.
  • The risks of infections are lower.
  • Outpatients do not compete with serious patients in their care.
  • Personalized attention by expert staff in Ambulatory Surgery.
  • Highly specialized and modern surgical team.

Why operate in our clinic?

  • Our infrastructure has cutting-edge facilities.
  • Our nursing staff is specialized in patient management.
  • Our team of doctors has extensive experience and a recognized track record in their respective areas.

What problems can we solve?

  • Gynecological problems: fibroids on the surface of the uterus, on its walls or inside the uterine cavity; ovarian cysts; endometriosis; uterine malformations and tubal diseases; endometrial cavity problems, tubal ligation; pelvic floor problems
  • Urology problems: testicle biopsy; vasectomy; phimosis; other pathologies such as varicocele, hydrocele and cryptoquidia, etc.

We have the package-operes that applies in more than 90 short-stay surgery procedures

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