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Surrogacy Program

What is surrogacy?

The surrogacy, is a process by which a woman lends her uterus so that one or more embryos from another couple are transferred to her, that contribute her own genetic material, and that due to fertility problems or Impossibility cannot do it by themselves. Therefore the surrogate mother does not have any genetic ties with the child and once she gives birth, she will renounce all rights and obligations on the newborn in favor of the person or persons who will be her legal parents.

People who opt for surrogacy are couples whose pregnancy for women may pose a high risk to their health, abnormalities exist in their uterus or have tried unsuccessfully several cycles of in vitro fertilization. The people of the LGBT and single group, with the contribution of a donor (ovaries or semen) with the surrogacy service can create a complete family and make possible their dream of being parents.

Surrogate mothers are the fundamental piece in this whole process. In our centers the "ethical surrogacy" is an important factor during the whole period in which the pregnancy develops, leading the surrogate mothers throughout the process, a normal life at home with their families and, having a medical support and control by our medical team in the centers and hospitals arranged for reviews and possible complications during pregnancy.
They may not be surrogate mothers, women with physical problems, with problems of social exclusion, drug addiction, or criminal records, having to pass a thorough medical check before starting the process.

Surrogacy in Sinaloa

Mexico, with its legal system and with the legislation in force in the state of Sinaloa, proves to be one of the few countries in the world that has turned subrogation into something fair and legal, being able to offer Mexicans unable to form a family, a figure, such as that of surrogacy, which legally allows them to obtain their right to become parents.

According to the Family Code of the state of Sinaloa, it is understood that “Surrogacy is carried out through medical practice through which a woman manages the product fertilized by a man and a woman, when the woman suffers physical inability or contraindication medical to carry out the pregnancy in her uterus and is subrogated by a pregnant woman who carries in her uterus the embryo of the surrogate parents, whose relationship concludes with the birth ”. The articles that regulate this legal figure go from 282 to 297 and are within the Fifth Chapter, On Assisted Human Reproduction and Surrogacy.

The legislation is not discriminatory regarding new family models

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